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5k WHOO~

Felix just passed his 5k comment mark!

So, yeah, in celebration, this is a Relationship/Ask Me Anything meme. Also answering questions for Sybil but l-lol.
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TEAAAAM- oh gdi harley
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yes hello
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Who will your valentine be, Felix?
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Will you make her a paper doily card?

It's been pretty great to see him open up a little as he has, though. Look flying and smiling! Chatting with people!
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First impressions?

I'm sure this is not the best icon for it I just like this icon and want an excuse to use it.
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"THAT ASSHOLE'S brother" kind of sums up everything, really. Cesare really honestly meant the apology for Juan because TRUST HIM, HE KNOWS that Juan can be a huge douche. This Juan is even probably the nicest Juan and he's still a dick. Juans. At the same time Cesare also very much meant the "come tell me when my brother goes over the line" because as little as he wants to deal with having to rein Juan in he also wants to keep family problems contained. Juan wanted him to make it so that Felix couldn't blackmail him with the death thing, but Cesare never did anything about that and he won't ever really take any action against Felix for telling Harley. Maybe a cursory threat or something slightly uncomfortable, but honestly only for show and only to keep Juan off his back.

Cesare is wary about Felix again because everything is filtered through Juan. He is aware that Juan is not the best at PR, shall we say, and he's suspicious about anyone who Juan spends time with because chances are good that it is a horrible toxic relationship and will lead to not entirely undeserved bloodshed. Frankly he would rather not get hit in the crossfire. However, he also will always mafia for Juan because family. Sorry. If Felix ever actually does something Cesare considers seriously dangerous he'll be on the move. Until then Cesare is completely fine with just monitoring the situation. Once he has a better handle on how the lay of the land is, he'll probably set about trying to befriend Felix to make intervention easier if necessary.

Also Cesare actually likes the tinypilot a lot. He is 100% safe in regards to her.

I'm actually really curious. Explain Felix and Juan and Harley to me.
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First impressions so far?

And will Gaeta think Cosima and Alison are Cylons if another clone shows up? :P
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She likes Felix for his own merits, but Alison does try a lot harder because he is one of the three people that Cosima identified as friends early on + babysitting on that first bar trip o/ So she's honestly very grateful that he sort of looked out for her then (on the um.. third worst day of her life? Man she has been having a lot of terrible days) and finds him very pleasant and polite, bonus points!!! And she feels like he at least doesn't push her to accept things in Camp the way they are sooner, so she appreciates that. But I think she feels that same semi-disconnect in that military + science are not things she knows how to have discussions on, and while I don't think she's completely adverse to listening to people's backstories, she prioritizes her own crappy circumstances and is trying not to suffocate under the weight of that! Which means she's not going to go out of her way to ask him more than the perfunctory questions about "home" in most situations.

Also Alison finds him a bit hard to read, in a lot of ways? In that she keeps trying to engage him and pull him into her projects (because that is how she's choosing to cope) but she feels a bit frozen out by him. Buuuut she's also stubborn and single-minded about these things, so she'll probably just poke him slightly less about it. Also, Alison kind of feels a bit exposed that anyone knows about the clone situation (godammit, Cosima!) because she cares what people think and she's.... not proud of how she's handled that situation. BUT FELIX DOESN'T KNOW ANY OF THAT, so she's a bit more invested in being totally normal, I AM TOTALLY NORMAL FELIX, in front of him.

re: Cylons, BUT CONTEXT, FELIX!!!..... well Alison's not technically rebelling anymore, does that make her Athena? :Db