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2037-03-12 05:23 pm


If you have concrit (or, heaven help us, praise!), this is the place to leave it. Anonymous commenting on, IP logging off and all that jazz.
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2037-03-11 12:28 pm
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Contact Methods: you can either reach me through email (scanninggaydis at gmail) or on plurk: [ profile] ltmutiny
Timezone and Scheduling Issues:
I'm EST (UTC -5), and mostly available in the evenings!
Please do!
Thread-Dropping: I definitely like bringing threads to a satisfying conclusion, but I will sometimes drop a thread if it's been too long since I last replied (because of embarrassment reasons). If you want to continue something, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to pick it back up.
Back-Tagging: Is something I tend to do myself, and am a-okay with it.
Comfort Levels: Pretty good with anything!
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2037-03-10 11:32 pm
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drift fleet | inbox

This is Felix Gaeta. I'm not currently available, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Have a nice day.

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2017-07-31 02:46 pm
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Calibration Overflow

What it says on the tin
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2016-06-01 11:55 pm
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Drift Fleet Application

Character name: Felix Gaeta
Character journal: [personal profile] scanninggaydis
Series name: Battlestar Galactica
Canon notes: Felix is coming in with previous game experience from one game (CFUD)

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2014-04-23 06:25 pm
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backdated to 4/21

[It's past time to make some major apologies.

So, there's a certain someone who is looking for a certain dreadlocked someone else, and, upon finding her in the hotel kitchen, takes a deep breath.

And then starts making them, before she can get away.]

I'm sorry, Cosima. I've been a complete asshole, and I...I know 'sorry' isn't really enough, but I'm very sorry. Can there any way to make it up to you?
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2014-02-22 01:24 pm
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Thread Log 2014

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2014-01-24 06:04 pm
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5k WHOO~

Felix just passed his 5k comment mark!

So, yeah, in celebration, this is a Relationship/Ask Me Anything meme. Also answering questions for Sybil but l-lol.
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2014-01-15 09:20 pm
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[ic] when the world is terrible

[So, what exactly do you do when you've been physically and emotionally traumatized all in one day?

Well, you hide out in your cabin for pretty much a whole day after. And then you sulk in the library for the second, just for a change of scenery.]
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2013-09-02 01:27 am
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Continuation Threads

Catch-all continuation post!
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2013-06-07 06:14 pm
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2013 Thread Log

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2013-05-05 10:58 am
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(no subject)

So! Felix has hit 1k!


First Impressions meme time~ (warning: reverses will definitely be asked for)