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Mun: Ilana
Contact: [ profile] ltmutiny

RP Pace: I try to get to at least a tag a day! Lately I've been a little slower than that, and I'm trying to work on it. One every 1-3 days, at LEAST and on good days I can get more than that, or boomerang.
RP Style: I usually write present tense, and am a lot more used to action tags than prose these days, but I am flexible with both.
Backtagging: I backtag a lot! And am always happy to backtag!

RP preferences: I am generally okay with going with the flow for gen, although having an idea of what we might want to accomplish with a thread is always good. Likewise with smut, I like to talk out what sort of kinks are going to be involved, but don't need a lot of plotting beyond that.
Language style: I guess I tend towards tasteful over hard and dirty, though I still get pretty explicit.
How do you feel about underage, xeno/non-human or other unusual characters?:
I personally, OOCly, draw a hard line at 16 for underage characters, although that line is seriously pushing it for Felix (whose lower limit is like. 18 and even then it's just because that's the lowest legal age, he'd really prefer no younger than 20), so it's not something that would happen often.

Likewise, xeno is cool by me! Felix is...working on being okay with non-humans.


Full name: Felix Gaeta
Age: 34
Birthdate: ??? We just don't know. (Headcanon: May)
Zodiac sign: It's not actually applicable because the zodiac doesn't exist in his canon? But anyway, he's a Taurus. (which is ironic for canon reasons)

Height: 5'9"
Weight: ??? average for his height I guess
Build: He's fairly lean, but also has decent muscles because he's a soldier. Not super built, though, because his job is mostly just sitting at computers. He doesn't do a lot of fighting.
Appearance: In uniform and out (Also, because his hair in his icons is all over: the second reference is representative of how long it is in-game.)
Body hair: I swear he waxes. No chest hair! And everything else is well-kept. He shaves his face every day, so something is Going On if he has stubble.
Scent: Generally just very clean. Soap.

Clothes: Canonically, we mostly see Felix in his Galactica uniform, but he doesn't wear it in Tanagura. It makes him stand out, and what's the point. INSTEAD he tends towards clothes of a pretty muted tone. When we see him in civilian clothing in canon, it's mostly browns and blacks. It's not showy, but usually pretty classy, like slacks and a sports jacket. Occasionally he's a little snappier.
- One thin, long horizontal slash along the bottom right of his ribcage
- another shorter, more jagged one on the left side of his back towards the bottom
Piercings: None!
Tattoos: haha yes. He also has another on his shoulder blade, it's an oval comprised of two separate sections, where one is colored black and one is left uncolored.
Other bodily markings: None!
Other notable physical details: Felix is really neat. If he's leaving the house disheveled, it means something is seriously wrong.

Current status: Elite
Feelings on said status: bullshit
Residence: Eos Tower
Occupation: boredom

Vices of choice: He both smokes and drinks! Neither of them are terribly often, but they are both pretty much stress responses. The drinking a little less so, and he'll do that socially pretty easily. But the smoking is a stress thing. A definite stress thing. (He smokes cigarettes.)
Hygienic routine: Showers pretty much every day! Like I said, he's neat neat neat. He's used to a very utilitarian, quick sort of hygienic routine, from years of shared bathrooms/showers, so he tends to be in and out quickly.
Other daily habits: He wakes up super early. Like. SUPER EARLY, it's just a military thing. He'll usually take a walk in the morning after he gets up. He's a regular in the Anyelir Library, and is probably there almost every day.
Sleeping habits: ...occasionally badly. Um. Occasionally nightmares, but not super often. He's also a really light sleeper. And sleeps in a very contained way, because he's used to very small sleeping spaces.

Spoken language(s): Technically, Caprican, but since there are parallels between Colonial languages and Earth languages already, I've headcanoned that Caprican, as the dominant language of the Colonies, is basically just a weirdly accented English.
Voice: speaking voice and ALSO LISTEN TO THOSE PIPES someone get him drunk enough that he sings for them. He's actually really good.


Sexual preference: Canonically bisexual with a heavy lean towards guys! This has pretty much continued to be the case in Tanagura.
Where they fall on the D/s spectrum: Definitely more submissive by nature, although it can be really playful. He will also be the kind of submissive who will try and goad or coax others into playing a dominant role, if he thinks the situation calls for it. (And, obviously, if he's comfortable enough being playful)
Cup size/Penis size: ....respectable. probably not more than average though
Pubic area: Like everything else, he's neat down there! He doesn't pay attention to it on quite as regular a basis as the rest of him, but he tries to keep everything attractive and tidy.
Circumcised?: .....i really don't know what the circumcision practices of the colonials are. n....o?

Underwear: Boxers, probably!
Sleepwear: Just underwear!
What was their first time like?: He was slightly older than maybe he should have been - didn't do anything until he got to college - but it was good! A little awkward, but ultimately a good time!
Best sexual experience: Being tied up and teased by Dorian; making out shirtless with Mihai
Worst sexual experience: Toss up between performing for Dinah with Jade when he first got to Tanagura, or with Katze in the Temple. One was really public and the other was MIND CONTROL and also involved having to beg for it.

Partner(s): Dorian's the most frequent; Mihai, Linneus, Laurent
Size preference: Prefers men on the larger side, doesn't overly have a preference about women.
Preferred method of sex: He doesn't really have a preference! Just playing around or just getting handjobs/blowjobs or giving them is as good as going all the way. Mutual masturbation can be fun.
Frequency: Once every couple weeks
Masturbation: Frequencywise, once a day to once every couple days? Not super often, his sex drive isn't that high.

Favorite position: He kind of enjoys riding people, for guys. Also sitting in someone's lap, or having them sit in his.
Favorite place to have sex: In a bed. in a bed where he won't be disturbed do you know how hard it is to arrange to have sex on a battlestar no you don't. Give him privacy any day. (but also pinned up against a wall)
Favorite kinks/sex acts: ACTUALLY PRETTY KINKY he likes things that get him out of his own head, so handing over the reins to someone else is always nice. So. Powerplay anything.
Kinks they've tried and hated: Degradation. How is that sexy. (He also isn't into painplay that will leave lasting scars or even marks that last more than a day. Although sometimes...)
Favorite toys: Rope and/or handcuffs

Sensitive areas: The obvious ones, but also his back, if you get a little rough. Also do you want to see him squirm, if so then bite his lip or drag your teeth across it. The use of teeth is Good.
Turn-ons: biting, scratching, confidence, intelligence!!!, a cultured demeanor, science. intelligence. really. be smart, watch Felix melt at your feet.
Turn-offs: self-centeredness, stupidity, childishness
No-no places/triggers: Don' about robots? Uh also as much as he loves the bdsm thing he could possibly be accidentally triggered because lol a semi-recent experience of - completely nonsexily - being handcuffed, blindfolded and. ordered to beg for his life. (Which he might not warn his partner about because....he thinks he's more okay than he is...)
Something they want to try but haven't before: A threesome! in any variation of gender
Number one fantasy: Right now no really he'd like to just be able to take his time with a partner, maybe a 'go at it all night' deal? Or all day. Or whatever. Marathon sex because he might have the luxury of that again. Also right now any sex where he's completely consciously choosing to have it is looking REALLY GOOD.
After-sex habits: He doesn't mind lounging around a little and talking and being sweet/casual if it was good and consensual and with someone he was familiar with. A little bit more 'well that was nice bye' if it's a one night stand deal or he doesn't know them super well.