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Thread Log 2014

vacations! (talked to Juan)
Post-Vacation (talked to Eugene)
And Another Post-Vacation (talked to Harley)
Social Tea Party (talked to C-ta, Shaun, Juan, Harley, and Hiccup)
An Addition to Camp Clone Club (talked to Alison, cosima, and Eugene)
Our Zombies Are Different (talked to Eugene and Sam)
Past Injuries (talked to Harley Juan, Jiu Wu, and Harley again)
Injury Fallout (talked to Eugene)
Just Bran Muffins (talked to Alvis)
Snowstorm! (talked to Cosima)
Camp Loves Closets (talked to Juan and Harley)
Vanship Shenanigans (talked to Ankh, Lucciola, Captain Marvelous, Ryuusei, Guy, Claus, Cesare, Eugene, Alvis, Cosima, Alison, and Dio)
Movie Night (talked to Shaun)
Fight Club (talked to Shaun, Juan, and Harley)
Memory Flowers the Fourth (talked to Eugene)
Borgia Bodyswap (talked to Juan and Cesare)

A Change of Place (talked to Eugene, Alison, and Cosima)
The Barrier Takes a Hit (talked to Alvis)
Dress Up Time (talked to Sam)
Mood Clouds (talked to Emily)
Home Cooked Meals (talked to Eugene and Brianna)
Sugar with a Catch (talked to Harley, Juan, Cosima, Cesare, Shaun, Alvis, Toothless, and Sam)
Candygrams (talked to Alison)
Valentine's Leftovers (talked to Bucky)
You Could Have Put That Better (talked to Pepper)
Another Snow Day (talked to Alison and Eugene)
Anon Confessions (talked to WHO KNOWSspoilers: juan)
Stargazing (talked to Juan and Cesare)
Book Architecture (talked to Sam)

Entertaining Cosima (talked to Cosima)
Campdeathiversary!!! (Talked to Juan, Sam, Cesare, Cosima, Harley, Alvis, Eugene, Brianna, Shaun and Alison)
Memory Flowers the Fifth (talked to Cesare and Shaun
More Death-Defying Slide (talked to Sam, Tony, and Eugene)
Bedninja the I'm Not Sure (talked to Eugene, Shaun, Juan, Hope, and Harley)
Clone Birthdays! (talked to Alison, Cosima, Alvis, Sam, and Cesare)

Video Game Achievements (talked to Eugene, Sam, and Cesare)
Epitaph Day (talked to Harley)
Personal Soundtrack (talked to Juan and Eugene)
Super Rainy Day (talked to Cosima)
And Another Clone (talked to Sarah, Cosima and Eugene)
Dream-Run ("talked" to Juan and Harley)
Making Things Worse (talked to Eugene)
Apology Time (talked to Cosima and Eugene)
Overdue Books (talked to Sarah)
Down a Homoelf (talked to Dio and Alvis)
Ominous Noises (talked to Eugene)
Everywhere, Butterflies! (talked to Cosima)
Bedninja the Paranoid (talked to Harley)
Dressing for Marcy's Ball (talked to Alison)

Clone Update (talked to Cosima, Sarah, and Alison)
Fancy Guns (talked to Sam)
The Director Speaks (talked to Alvis and Harley)
Caffeine Ban (talked to Cosima, Sam, Eugene and Shaun)
Mother's Day (talked to Eugene and Sam)
More Nametags (talked to Alison)
Ask Me About T-shirts (talked to Shaun and Harley)
Learn Something New! (talked to Eugene)


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