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2013 Thread Log

Intro Post (talked to Ankh, Wendy, Jiu Wu, Finn and Bart)
A Jerky Intro (talked to Oikawa Tooru)
Memory Mirror (talked to Momo, Kirk, and Hiro)
On Energy Drinks (talked to Hunter)
Ball Pit (talked to Pitch and Wendy)
...And Seaweed Drinks (talked to Jiu Wu and Makoto Naegi)
Bubble Effects (talked to Harley)
Your Heart's Desire (talked to Finn and Harley)
Sandcastles (talked to Billy)
Census-Taker (talked to Akane Tsunemori)
Happy Birthday, Jim! (talked to Kirk)
Growing Up (talked to Jack Frost)
Blood Rain (talked to Sumire, Xellos, and Tobias)
Cabin Assignment (talked to Harley and Yogi)
Nice Qualities (talked to Jake English, Philip, Takeru, and Jiu Wu)
Bigfoot vs. Mothman (talked to Wendy and Billy)

The Joys of Womanhood (talked to Hotsuma, Jiu Wu, Wendy, Mewtoo, Jun, and Shusei)
5 Questions (talked to Riko, Bruce Banner, Hannah, Makoto, and Leto)
Some OTHER Jerk Intros, and a Homoelf Too (talked to Thomas and Lucciola)
Embarrassing Photos (talked to Kirk, Inigo, Vanya, and Dean)
Dogpiles (talked to Bruce, Finn, and Harley)
Bedninja the First (talked to Jiu Wu, Riko, Finn, Xellos, and Thomas)
Spring Cleaning (talked to Ronan)
Jellyfish (talked to Jennifer and Finn)
Sakura Picnic (talked to Finn and Young Cesare)
Researching Earth (talked to Harley, Wendy, Xellos, Sakuta Ryuusei, and Young Cesare)
Art Therapy (talked to Brianna)
Nametags, Take 1 (talked to Thomas, Sofia, Jiu Wu, and Castiel)
Lucciola's Making Friends (talked to Lucciola and Dio)
People in Leather Pants (talked to Sakuta Ryuusei and Hiro)
Anglerfish in my River?! (talked to Wendy and Hamel)
Sleeping Beauty (“talked” to Jiu Wu)
Truth Post the First (talked to Thomas and Jiu Wu
Kissing Booth (talked to all of the basketball people!)

Happy Birthday Sam! (talked to Sam)
A Very Zombie Welcome (talked to Damon)
Hug Three People (talked to Thomas and Ronan)
Vanship Construction (talked to Alvis and Dio)
Ask me About... One (talked to Finn and Brianna)
National Teacher Day (talked to Finn)
Learning to Jetpack (talked to Dio and Vanya)
Memory Flowers (talked to Kirk)
Happy Memorial Day! (talked to Wendy)
The Laptops Are Not Typewriters (talked to Mary)

Sandcastles: Take Two (talked to Senri, Alvis, Dio, and Thor)
Counseling Event, Go! (talked to Jack)
Meeting Leo (talked to Leo Valdez)
Truth Post the Second (talked to Thomas)
Ling's Matchmaking (talked to Ling and Dio)
Kissing Scores (talked to Kirk and Dio)
Making Friends with Jack (talked to Alphonse, Thomas, Vanya, Brianna, Sion Astel, Irene, Jiu Wu, Cindy, Eren, and Harley)

4th of July (talked to Dio and Jennifer)
Power Outage (talked to Ryner, Ouka, and Nico)
Deaged Alchemists (talked to Alphonse and Ed)
SinTV (talked to Damon)
Irene's Census (talked to Irene)
X Marks the Spot, Pt. 1 (talked to Alvis, Dio, and Harley)
X Marks the Spot, Flower Edition (talked to Jiu Wu and Harley)
X Marks the Spot: Return of the Flower (talked to Finn, Harley, Alvis and Dio)
Bedninja the Second (talked to Harley, Alvis, and Gaius(FE))
A New Vanship Pilot (talked to Alvis and Dio)
Graffiti Artists (talked to Jack and Brianna)
Secret Agent Man (talked to Coulson)
The Last of Christmas in July (talked to Jiu Wu and Alvis)

The Big Party (talked to Bucky, Harley, Shusei, Alvis, Steve, Vanya, Dio, Hakkai, and Tony)
Personalized Snow Cloud (talked to Tony)
Rainy Days (talked to Wendy)
Handcuffs #1 (talked to Guy and Hibiki)
The Flowers Come in 4D Flavor Now (talked to Harley and Alvis)
Weirdest Compliment Ever (talked to Brianna, Dio, and Jiu Wu)
Argue Anonymously with Teenagers? Why Yes, I Do (talked to NicoAnonymous)
Magical Wound Mirror (talked to Coulson)

The Safest Waterslide Ever (talked to Tony and Jane)
Ridiculously Early in the Life (talked to Alvis and Harley)
Homework Assignments (talked to Vanya, Demyx, and Jack)
And Now We're in Closets (talked to Natasha, Harley, and Coulson)
Communications Breakdown (talked to Jiu Wu and Vanya)
A Deage in the Life (talked to Vanya, Jiu Wu, Tony, Alvis, Tiffany, Dio and Gerard)
Blood Rain Strikes Again (talked to Nico and Billy)
The Non-Existent CFUD Institute (talked to Cosimia)
Perimeter Breach (talked to Wendy, Eugene, Billy, and Dio)

Planning for October (talked to Thomas, Jiu Wu, Alvis, Senri, Guy, Mary, and Harley)
Revenge of the Crows (talked to Nico and Hamel)
Graveyard (talked to Alvis, Coulson, Dio, Guy, Harley, and Vanya)
Library Mingling (talked to Cosima and Eugene)
Leafy Ninjas (talked to Alvis)
Scientific Survey (Talked to Cosima)
Topsy Turvy Day (Talked to Alvis)
Shadow Wolves (Fought here)
Hospital Post (Talked to Alvis)
Bedninja the Third (Talked to Alvis Eugene, Gaius(FE), and Harley)
Button Secrets (Talked to Alvis, Harley, and Eugene)

Halloween Party (Talked to Alvis, Ramona, Cosima, Jiu Wu and Harley)
Famous for a Day (talked to Harley Jiu Wu and Eugene)
Red Thread Pt. 1 (talked to Harley)
Red Thread Pt. 2 (talked to Harley, Juan and Pitch Black)
Red Thread Pt. 3 (talked to Harley and then Pitch and Harley)
Red Thread Aftermath (talked to Juan, Harley, Alvis, and Eugene)
Happy BirthCampiversaryday! (talked to Jiu Wu, and Dio)
Why You Shouldn't Eat at the Mess Hall (talked to Riddle, and Guy)
+1 Navigator (talked to Dio, Alvis, and Lavie)
Truth Post the Third (talked to Eugene)
Memory Flowers and the Fourth Wall (talked to Alvis)

'Tis the Season (talked to Harley, Eugene, and Juan)
Even Tinier!Pilot (talked to Alvis and Dio)
Feelings Couch! (talked to Pitch, Harley, Nico, Eugene, Juan, and Cosima)
Power Up, Power Down (talked to Juan)
Power Testing (talked to Alvis and Harley)
Holiday Spirit (talked to Cosima, Eugene, Alvis, Juan, and Cesare)
Bedninja the Fourth (talked to Guy, Harley, Cosima, Juan, and Eugene)
Christmas Gifts (talked to Juan, Jiu Wu, and Harley)
Going Out with a (Mistletoe) Bang (talked to Cesare, Shaun, Alvis, Juan, and Harley)
Dream Adventuring (talked to Juan, Harley, Juan again, Pitch, Eugene, Cesare, Shaun, and Harley again)

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