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So! Felix has hit 1k!


First Impressions meme time~ (warning: reverses will definitely be asked for)
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Finn and Damonnnn plz
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First impressions on Xellos?
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Felix is a mildly amusing source of food. Since Xellos feeds on negative feelings, it's in his nature to home on moody humans. He can tell Felix is one so he'd obviously poke him, and Felix turned out easy to poke. Xellos didn't need put any effort to irritate him... and that means he'll keep looking for him.
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NO THAT IS A . . . FAIRLY NORMAL REACTION TO THOMAS! He can be a raging asshole more often than not which. can be. welp.

He is currently actively trying to take a blowtorch to that particular relationship. Before, he didn't have any strong feelings either way regarding him; it was a fairly neutral relationship with decent conversation. But the whole admission that he'd rather be dead than be there -- and under a truth effect, no less -- triggered him pretty badly, especially with how cagey he thought Felix got afterwards. He knows evasive behavior! Anyway, the whole thing was a cocktail of terrible-ness for him and he just. Nope'd right out of it and is currently set on keeping his walls firmly up. It. Death and the like have hit him hard in recent years, it's something he won't take lightly as is, and then there's the fact that he's Thomas and gets worked up about anything. He was okay with Felix, now he's just . . . not.

maybe Dio will sit on him or something, idk.
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sometimes* it is very hard to love me

* sometimes = all the time
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'Sup 8D